Strong Start to Softball 4 Beginners Course…

BSL Softball 4 Beginners: 8th April 2014

The BSL’s 2014 season is inching closer following a successful turn out at the first of our Softball 4 Beginners sessions. With 13 new faces and the support of the BSL’s committee members and league players, an entertaining and lively training session was had by all.

Our Qualified coach Peter Burgess started the evening off guiding all our new comers in the basic skills of catching and throwing. Within 5 minutes it was obvious we had a lot of natural Softball players with great potential.

BSL Softball 4 Beginners: 8th April 2014

BSL Softball 4 Beginners: 8th April 2014

BSL Softball 4 Beginners: 8th April 2014

The evening progressed to cover the rules of base running, leading into a mini game with mixed teams of both new comers and current BSL members. With Pete on hand to instruct individuals on how to hold the bat, where to stand and give tips on how to improve their swing, it was here that we discovered some amazing hitting and outfield catching skills!

The night ended in a social get together at the BSL’s usual drinking spot; The Church Tavern, where both new comers and league members got the chance to mingle and get to know one another.

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Overall this was an extremely positive start to our Softball 4 Beginners course with more new comers expected to join in the forthcoming weeks.

If your interested in coming along or want more information please email us at;
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Softball 4 Beginners Starts Tomorrow!

It’s Finally Here!

Our 6 weeks Softball 4 Beginners course starts tomorrow! Open to everyone so come along  and join in the fun with your family and friends!

Every Tuesday night starting at 6.30pm
The Pavilion
Moor Lane
B6 7AA

Our Coach Peter Burgess will be covering the rules of the game, as well as the basic skills of batting, catching, throwing and base running.
At the end of the course you will be ready to either join a current team or be part of a brand new team!

The BSL looks forward to seeing you all there!

Softball 4 Beginners – 8th April 2014

What ISoftball 4 Beginners

Whether your new to the game or want to brush up on your skills, Softball 4 Beginners is here to help everybody.
For six weeks you will learn the rules of the game, as well as the basic skills of batting, catching, throwing and base running. At the end of the course you will be ready to either join a current team or be part of a brand new one.

Next Course

Every Tuesday night starting from 8th April 2014

For Information please contact us on:

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2013 BSL End Of Year Awards Party

Coming Together:

To celebrate the end of our softball season, we came together at Temple Street Social in Birmingham, to have a few drinks and receive awards for our achievements.

President, Kate Page-Smith proceeced to speak of the years endeavours and hand out awards to various league members:

Firstly, thanks went to the following people/organisations:

*   BCU Pavilion for hosting the league and the BSL tournament this year. They have been absolutely superb and we have really enjoyed their pitches, facilities and hospitality.

*   BSF and BSUK for their continued support and guidance,

*   Peter Burgess and Jarrod Pretorius for coaching the Softball4Beginners Courses,

*    And most importantly, the members of the BSL who have made this all possible.

OTThe Awards:

Birmingham Softball League Winners 2013: 
The Birmingham Minotaurs 

MVP Female:
(Based on umpires selections throughout the season)
Kerrie Manley, Stourbridge Titans 

MVP Male:
(Based on umpires selections throughout the season)
Mike Rodgers, Birmingham Minotaurs 

Captains/Coach/Umpires Award:
Meg Gallahan, Bobcat Roosters
Meg has been both a captain and a coach to her team. She has inspired existing members and recruited new members. She has consistently produced a full team showing good organisational skills and dedication to the league. She has had an enthusiastic approach to the league and has shown interest in advancing the league and developing softball in Birmingham.

Ed Jones, Stourbridge Titans
A special mention was also given to Ed Jones, who created the Titans Softball team and shown great dedication to the team, enabling them to become a great success.

Colin Paine, BASU
Also to Colin Paine, umpire, who has advanced greatly throughout the season and has re‐arranged work shifts and given up his spare time to assist the league.

Team Spirit Award:
The Birmingham Minotaurs 
Both the Stourbridge Titans and the Birmingham Minotaurs have shown great team spirit this season. They have shown spirit on the pitch, they have attended the after‐game dinners, they have organised additional training each week and they have nicknames. However, the Award goes to the Minotaurs who have played with the same team members all season.

Comedy Softball Award:
Luke Millar, Stourbridge Titans
Luke almost knocked out the President of the league in the warm up of the very first BSL game and proceeded to comically (and all accidently) take out members of his team throughout the season.

‘Best of’ Award:
Peter Burgess and Ed Jones, Stourbridge Titans
This year has been filled with Bromances; Jeff Brubaker and Faheem Mughal, Birmingham Minotaurs; Leo Pearn and Paul Griffiths, Softball 4 Beginners; The Frat Pack (Dan Smith, Jon Stonehill, Richard Dumbill); Peter Burgess and Patrick Patrick Campbell, Weekly Training, and many more. However, the Award goes to Peter Burgess and Ed Jones, Stourbridge Titans.

Presidents Award: 
Nikki Whittingham, Birmingham Minotaurs
The President’s award is awarded to a BSL member who is not in a position of responsibility (coach, captain, umpire) and has gone out of their way to help the league. Nikki has assisted the BSL committee throughout the season – she volunteered for the 4 day Corporate Games, she looked after the BSL equipment, she advertised at Birmingham Uni, she recruited members, she volunteered to help with social media (she took photos throughout the season and volunteered to assist with the twitter, facebook and blog accounts) and she worked with the BSL committee to get a new team up and running. The BSL are very thankful for all the work she has done this season.

Best Dressed Award:
Faheem Mughal, Birmingham Minotaurs and Patrick Campbell, Softball 4 Beginners
Both turned up to the awards in stylish suits and pink ties

Lastly, ending the night:
The President Kate Page-Smith wanted to thank  the 2013 BSL committee who had remained dedicated and enthusiastic through some very difficult times.
Thank you
Neal Robinson, Birmingham Minotaurs
Kiri Coxon, Bobcat Tadpoles
Dan Langlands, Birmingham Minotaurs

BSL Awards Party
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BSL Proudly Feature In British Softball Federation’s Headlines

President of our BSL, Kate Page-Smith has written a fantastic review of the BSL‘s first season for the British Softball Federation:

Birmingham Softball League is here to stay!

Featuring a round up of 2013 as a whole, the league winners Birmingham Minotaurs, success of our Softball 4 Beginners course and details of our 1 day Tournament.

I think we’re confident in saying 2014 is going to be a bigger, better season for the BSL!

If you’d like to try your hand at Softball or want to get back into the game, contact us on: