BSF Single Sex Nationals 2014

With this years BSF Single Sex Tournament being held in Birmingham, it only made sense for the Birmingham Softball League to enter in a Male and Female team.

 Consisting of a mix of players, both experienced and brand new, from the Centaurs, Minotaurs and Pink Panthers 2 teams were formed:

Birmingham Barbarians (male) Captained by Neal Robinson, co-captain Dan Langlands, and Birmingham Banshees (female) Captained by Nikki Whittingham, co-captain Kiri Coxon.

Records were broken at this years tournament with 34 teams and eight title winners making it the Federation’s largest-ever Nationals. The weekend had your usual British weather of sunshine on the Saturday followed by rain Sunday morning finishing on a dry Sunday afternoon. Altogether, it was a wonderful weekend of softball attended by teams from all over the UK (plus teams from Ireland and Guernsey), and a clear demonstration that single-sex slowpitch remains a format that British softballers want to play.

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Results Of The Day

Round Robin Standings
With the Birmingham Softball League being a fairly new league we entered ourselves into the recreational group with the standings of the weekend being followed:

Men’s Rec

Barbarians (Birmingham) (6-1)
Knights (London) (5-1-1)
Pulse (East Midlands) (5-2)
Bobcats (Birmingham) (4-2-1)

Pyros (East Midlands) (3-3-1)
Gargoyles (Oxford) (2-4-1)
Shafters (Portsmouth) (1-6)
Double Dunkers (Leeds) (0-7)

Women’s Rec

Chavs (London) (6-1)
Raiders (London) (6-1)
Pink Panthers (East Midlands) (4-3)
Pitch Slap (Manchester) (3-3-1)

Bobcats (Birmingham) (3-3-1)
Sheriffs (East Midlands) (3-4)
Banshees (Birmingham) (2-5)
Batting Divas (Leeds) (0-7)

The Barbarians had a strong lead throughout the weekend winning 4 out of 5 games on day one. To start them off they won 23-5 against the Bobcats followed by a close win against the Pyros 15-14. Their third game resulted in a win of 35-4 against the Double Dunkers with their forth against the Gargoyles resulting in 16-5. Their last game of the day resulted in a lose of 5-16 against Knights. Overall a successful first day leaving them in a good position for day 2, where they won their first game 17-14 to Pulse and their second 13-7 to Shafters. By winning their semi finals games to the Bocats they won Runner up in the Silver Playoffs!

The Banshees had a slow start to the weekend winning 2 games out of their 7 on the second day despite having no experienced Pitcher. Their first game was close with a lose of 7-8 to the Bobcats, followed by a lose of 2-23 against the Sheriffs. Their third game resulted in a lose of 5-13 against Pink Panthers ending on the last game of the day against Raiders with a lose of 2-13. Despite losing throughout the day the Banshees kept up moral and team spirit, making great plays and showing excellent batting skills despite the scores. The second day started on a lose of 1-15 to Chavs but soon turned itself around when they won 4-2 to Pitchslap and then 16-6 to Batting Divas, giving them the opportunity to play in the Bronze Semi Finals. At this point both the Banshees Pitchers had to sit on the side lines due to injuries leaving 2 of the BSL’s experienced players to step up.

Throughout the weekend both teams showed great moral and spirit gaining a lot of experience and knowledge from the weekend. I think it’s safe to say the Single Sex Nationals will be seeing the Barbarians and Banshees again!

For photographs of the Tournament please click the link below:

About Birmingham Softball League

The Birmingham Softball League (BSL) is a mixed gender slowpitch softball league based in Birmingham, UK. It was established in 2012 and is open to all.
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